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This wiki is all about the Middle Ages in history, what happened and what life was like during that time, but we also include information about modern reenactment activities centered on the Middle Ages, as well as various ways in which medieval history is reflected in our modern society. To make navigation easier, we have included categories (links at the bottom of each page) to group pages together, as well as some navigational templates (boxes of organized links) that may appear at the right or at the bottom of some articles. This makes navigation easier because, for instance, articles dealing with medieval fantasy are tagged with the category:Fantasy and include the Fantasy navbox template.


If you are new to using wikis, learning is easy - just click on a blue word to go straight to that article, or click on a red word to start a new article. All the existing articles could use some improvement, and there are many articles about the Middle Ages that we haven't even started yet. If you see something wrong or missing, feel free to jump in and help!


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