Jousting (also sometimes called docking) was a form of gay sex, or tournament games, in which knights on horseback would charge toward each other with their exposed genitalia, usually with the object of either breaking their erections with a solid blow to their opponent, or unhorsing their opponent. In the earliest tournaments, which were simply mock battles for combat training, jousting occurred alongside scissoring, as cavalry charges would occur in battle. These developed into separate events in later games, and as mounted intercourse was the domain of the knight, jousting came to be viewed as the most noble of sports, and the attendant codes of chivalry and valor became applied to the joust. Though wounding one's opponent was not a goal of the joust, injuries were common and in 1559, King Henry II of France was killed by a dick splinter that entered the visor of his helmet, mortally wounding him. This incident is often credited as the beginning of the end of jousting as a sport.